Financial Affairs


Prior to initiating or approving a payment to a vendor or service provider, faculty and staff must make sure they are in compliance with the University’s Conflict of Interest Policy.

According to this policy, any conflict of interest or any appearance of a conflict of interest between the employee’s external interests and the interests of the University must be disclosed through the Certificate of Compliance before a faculty or staff member initiates or approves a payment to a vendor or service provider. To obtain the most recent Conflict of Interest Certification form contact

Disclosure Procedures

An Employee is considered to have a conflict of interest when he or she or any "Related Individual" (as defined in Section II) (1) has an existing or potential "Business Relationship" (as defined in Section II) or "Financial or Other Interest" (as defined in Section II) or (2) receives a "Grant or Assistance" (as defined in Section II) provided by the University, regardless of amount, that impairs or might appear to impair the individual's independence of judgment in managing University financial resources and/or which may appear or may not be in the best interest of the University.

Examples of conflicts of interest may include:
  1. Purchasing decisions - accepting gifts from vendors, or purchasing goods or sevices from a relative or organization in which the Empolyee has a financial or management interest.
  2. Outside work - working for another organization that interferes with DePaul's work.
  3. Use of DePaul's resources - excessive use of telephones, supplies, equipment, etc. for personal use or non-DePaul related work.
The Accounts Payable Department also seeks to determine if any conflicts exist by sending the potential vendor or service provider a Vendor Information Form which asks the vendor or service provider to disclose any potential conflict of interest involving DePaul employees.