Financial Affairs


Forms Required Prior to Payment
In order to receive payment through Accounts Payable, each vendor or service provider must have valid tax documentation on file with the Accounts Payable Department to ensure that all payments are in compliance with applicable tax laws.  Valid tax documentation may include the following:

  1. Form W-9
  2. Vendor Information Form / Substitute W-9 2014
  3. Form W-8BEN

If a payee does not provide an authentic taxpayer identification number, the payment may be subject to backup withholding at a rate of 28%.

Obtaining and Submitting Required Forms
If a purchase requires the involvement of Procurement Services, Procurement Services will assist in obtaining the proper forms required prior to payment.  To determine whether a purchase requires the involvement of Procurement Services, consult purchasing policies and procedures found on the Procurement Services Webpage and Purchasing Authority and Responsibilities Policy.

If Procurement Services is not required to be involved in the purchasing process and a faculty or staff member is unsure whether or not valid tax documentation is on file for a particular vendor or service provider, the faculty or staff member should contact the Account Payable Department

If valid tax documentation is not on file, Accounts Payable will contact the vendor or service provider directly and obtain the necessary tax documentation.  Once valid tax documentation is obtained, Accounts Payable can pay the vendor or service provider in accordance with the Payments to Vendors, Service Providers and Other External Parties policy.