Financial Affairs


Contract Routing

As a reminder, all university purchases over $3,500 are required to go through the requisition process to start business and legal review. This includes routing of contracts through the Office of the General Counsel.

If you have a contract that requires a requisition, start by entering the requisition and including the Contract Submission Form with the attached backup. Procurement will review the contract for business terms and route it through OGC for legal review if required. OGC will then assign a lawyer and conduct the review, providing the department with its feedback.

Contracts should not be sent to OGC directly unless a requisition is not required.

Recent News

  • New Procurement Website

    Welcome to the new Procurement Services website. While not a major overhaul, we have made a lot of little changes, including:

    • Streamlined navigation. The left navigation has fewer links and most pages don't have subsections any more. More content on one page should make finding what you're looking for easier.
    • We expanded the quick links on the home page to include more of the most commonly accessed pages.
    • The Preferred Vendors page was merged with the Internal University Resources page to provide a single location to lookup providers that may be able to assist with goods and services.
    • Preferred vendors received a lot of new information about their offerings to the university (pricing/shipping/billing terms, bid data, relationship owner, annual savings, etc.).
    • All process text now syncs up with the newly approved purchasing policies.
    • How to Buy Guides have been updated and expanded.

    Take a look around and let us know if you find any bugs, have suggestions or have any questions!

  • Procurement Policy Changes

    All Procurement policies recently went through the triennial review process and we took the opportunity to rewrite each and make them easier to understand. The policies will take effect July 1, 2017.

    A high-level overview of the changes includes:

    • Condensed seven purchasing policies down to four: Purchasing & Bidding, ProCard, Salvage and Prohibited/Special Processes Spend
    • Raised the PO threshold and the default ProCard limit from $2,500 to $3,500
    • Reduced the number of approvers in the requisition approval process
    • Clarified the requirements for conducting a bid
    • Added advertising agencies and “deeply integrated” software to the bid exemption list
    • Part-time employees are now eligible to receive a ProCard (following the same approvals as full-time employees)
    • Approval time line is a set 45 days from the transaction’s post-date replacing the current two week time line after the cycle closes
    • Provided departments more leeway in minor violations like sales tax and missing receipts etc. For low-dollar, low-risk transactions these purchases will no longer count as noncompliance.
    • Clarified enforcement of the ProCard policy
    • Created a new policy for prohibited and/or special processes related to spend. This policy consolidated information which was previously spread across numerous other policies.

    You can view the full text of the policies here.

  • New Computers Contract

    Procurement Services and Information Services collaborated closely this past year on an RFP for desktop computers, that resulted in a renewal with Dell. Key benefits of the new agreement include:

    • Upgraded models: 256GB SSD hard drives and 8GB RAM by default
    • Lower prices: Even with the new specs, prices of all models decrease by $100-$200 each.

    New models are already loaded and ready for order.

  • New Pouring Rights Contract

    Procurement Services worked with Student Centers and Athletics on an RFP for pouring rights (drinks sold in cafeterias, vending machines, etc.). We are happy to announce that Pepsi was selected as the provider.

    The new agreement begins July 1st and includes improvements to revenues paid to the university, vending maintenance programs and additional benefits to student dining locations.