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Procurement Services is responsible for the university's purchasing processes, which includes Purchasing Processes, Competitive Bidding, Vendor Relationships, Preferred Vendors, the University ProCard, Travel & Entertainment and the Salvage Program.

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Staples Advantage Account Representative
July 30, 2014
We're sad to announce that our Staples Advantage account rep, Jackie VanZant, is retiring this week. After ten years on the DePaul account and seventeen with Staples, she felt it was time. Jackie looks forward to her new life in Florida, hunting bears, panthers and sharks (yes, we're being serious - that image is one she actually caught). We wish her the best of luck!

Michael Aulenta will be our next contact person and he looks forward to working with you all.

FY14 Stats: Purchase Orders
July 23, 2014
It was a busy year in Procurement last year. Just under 3,000 purchase orders totaling $77 million were issued. And, the best part - almost all of them were in compliance! 97.3% were put in before the order was placed and 99% met the bid policy. Great job guys!

Facility Operations had the most, followed by Enrollment Management in second and the Office of the Provost in third. And that's pretty much the same as it is every year.

FY14 Stats: Salvage Program
July 21, 2014
Well, salvage certainly had an amazing year last year. Nearly 5,000 items came through Procurement Services to be resold, recycled or destroyed (nearly all were recycled!). 1,200 of them were resold, generating over $93,000 in revenue for the University!

Of course, that just means we'll have to sell even more in FY15. To $100,000! (be sure to visit the Salvage Store and help out).

July Procurement Update
July 16, 2014
This month's Procurement Update includes information on ProCard Transition , Fiscal Year Stats, On-Campus Catering, New Salvage Form and New Demon Discounts Vendors.

June Procurement Update
June 16, 2014
This month's Procurement Update includes information on New ProCard Vendor, Year-End Purchasing Deadlines, FedEx Contract Renewal, New Demon Discount Vendors & Salvage Store.

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