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Procurement Services assists departments in purchasing goods and services from third-party vendors. Listed below are common types of purchases and typical topics for each. The information below, in conjunction with the Preferred Vendors page, should help with most purchases. If you need more information, feel free to contact us.

Purchasing Overview

Purchases by Dollar Threshold
Purchases Under $2,500
Purchases $2,500 - $25,000
Purchases over $25,000

Vendor Selection
Preferred Vendors List
Internal Resources

Contract Usage
Master Agreements
Standard Templates

Other Information
ProCard Program
Cost Savings Tips
Negotiation Tips
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Purchase Categories

Internal resources
External purchases

Audio/Visual Equipment
Office equipment (projectors, televisions)
Video and production equipment

Car Rentals
Need for a rental
Insurance and accidents

On-campus catering
Off-campus catering

Cell Phones
Ordering new service and upgrading devices
Changing plan features
Looking up a bill
International features
Mobile apps
Shared data plans

Computers & Tablets
Desktop and laptop computers
Software & mobile apps

Conferences (DePaul Hosted)
Selecting a hotel for guests

Construction Projects
Facility Operations

Consulting/Professional Services
Determining employee vs. consultant

Copy machines

Gift Cards, Other Gifts and Prizes
Gifts and Gift Cards

Furniture purchases
Reallocating DePaul furniture

Legal Services (External)
Office of the General Counsel

Magazine & Newspaper Subscriptions
Educational discounts

Marketing & Advertising
Enrollment Management & Marketing

Office Supplies
Staples Business Advantage
Technology supplies

Online Purchases tax-exempt process
Amazon Prime

Printers & Scanners
Standard printer models
Standard scanner models
Toner purchases

Brand standards guide
Internal resources
External vendors

Professional Organizations
Shared memberships

Promotional Items & Clothing
Brand standards
T-Shirts, apparel and other promo items
External vendors

Science Supplies & Equipment
Preferred Vendors
Purchasing Cooperatives

Printed stationery
Electronic letterhead

Temporary Staffing
External temporary workers
Student temporary workers

Selecting hotels and airfare
Meals while traveling
Local travel and car rentals
International travel
Combining business and personal travel
Tipping guidelines

Used Equipment
Contact Procurement Services

Purchasing a vehicle
Use of Vehicle
Vehicle Disposal
Additional Resources