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ProCard Rollout Slides An introduction to the new ProCard and IntelliLink online system
IntelliLink Manual - Logging On A reference guide for logging ito the IntelliLink online system
IntelliLink Manual - Receipts A reference guide for uploading and attaching receipts to transactions
IntelliLink Manual - Cardholder A reference guide for cardholders
IntelliLink Manual - Approver A reference guide for approvers


Account & Category Codes List List off all accounts and corresponding category codes to use when submitting transactions
ProCard Reviewer Tips Tips for approvers of ProCard transactions
Changes to Receipt Storage & Retention Memo detailing changes to ProCard receipt retention rules
Narriative Details - Best Practices Guide Examples of transaction comments
Visa Benefits Package A list of benifits offered to VISA cardholders
Chip & Pin FAQ A list of common questions about Chip & Pin card security