Financial Affairs


Preferred Vendors

Competitive Bidding

Commodity Types
Training Programs


After-the-Fact Non-Compliance
Used when a purchase order is not compliant with the Purchasing Authority & Responsibilities policy.
Conflict of Interest Must be filled out for all conflicts of interest by employees
Contract Review Submission Form For contracts requiring legal review
Standard Contract Templates Basic templates when creating a contract from scratch

PURCHASES > $25,000

Bid Documentation Form (BDF) Required for all purchases and contracts over $25,000
Competitive Bid Exemption Waiver Memo (template) Template to be used when requesting exemption from the bid process
Competitive Bid Exemption Waiver Memo (example) Example memo for bid exemptions


ProCard Application Application for employees requesting a ProCard
Employee Acknowledgement of Responsibilities / Acceptance Agreement Outlines requirements and responsibilites of being a ProCard holder
ProCard Cardholder Proxy Request Form Used to request a Cardholder Proxy
ProCard Transaction Dispute Form Used to dispute a transaction on your ProCard with the bank
Year End Adjustment Form Used for transactions that cross fiscal years
ProCard Personal Purchase Form Used to report a personal purchase and reimbursement
ProCard Missing Receipt Form Used in leiu of a missing receipt
New Cardholder Training Registration Register to receive training for new cardholders


All Financial Affairs Forms Includes Accounts Payable, Accounting and other financial forms
Mixed-Use Tablet Purchases To be filled out when tablet purchases will be used for both business and personal use
Salvage Request Form To dispose of disused university assets, including computers, cell phones, AV equipment, and furniture.
Vendor Feedback
Submit feedback to Procurement Services on university vendors