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The Salvage Program provides a way for university departments to safely and efficiently dispose of unneeded equipment. All assets purchased with university funds or obtained by a department because of its connection to DePaul (i.e., donations or grants), are the property of DePaul University and Procurement Services holds responsibility for their disposal.

Procurement Services acts as the clearinghouse for evaluating an item's worth and ultimate disposition when an item is no longer needed by a department. Departments are not authorized to dispose of their own equipment.

Salvage Process
To begin the salvage process, departments must fill out the Salvage Request Form detailing the items they wish to dispose of. This form is then sent to Procurement Services for review.

Pickups occur on pay-week Thursdays for items that will be moved to Procurement Services. All requests submitted after 12:00pm on Wednesday of that week, will be scheduled for the following pickup.

Types of Equipment
Items no longer needed are evaluated by Procurement Services to determine the appropriate method of disposal through the Salvage Program.  Typical items that may be disposed of through this program include:

Small office supplies (e.g. binders, staplers, pens) can be disposed of per department procedures. They are not required to go through the Salvage Program.

Salvaging Donated Items
All items that were donated to the university should be marked as such when filling out the salvage form. Either the disposing department or Procurement Services will check with the Tax Manager in the Controller's Office prior to disposing of such items, as there may be tax reporting obligations.

Salvaging Grant Purchases
All items that were purchased on a grant should be marked as such (with the grant number) when filling out the salvage form. Procurement Services will work with Restricted Accounting or the Office of Research Services to ensure proper disposal methods.

Toner Recycling Program
Procurement Services maintains relationships with vendors who pay for used printer toner cartridges. As a result, DePaul University is eligible to receive funds for the toner we recycle.

To participate in this program, simply follow these steps:

  1. Place your used cartridge in the container that your new cartridge arrived in.
  2. Interoffice it to "Procurement Services - Toner Recycle."

Procurement Services receives a check for all returned cartridges about once a month totaling about $1,000-$2,000 per year.  These funds are then put into the general scholarship fund with students reaping 100% of the benefits.

If you are mailing NEW ink or toner between departments / campuses via inter-office mail, it must be placed into another box prior to mailing or it will be considered “for recycle.”  By shipping it in a separate box, the mail sorters will be able to differentiate between reallocated toner and used cartridges for recycling.

If you have any questions regarding inter-office mailing, please contact Distribution Services at x2-8367 or

Methods of Disposal
Once received, Procurement will review the items and determine the appropriate method of disposal based on the item's nature, condition, and estimated value. Common methods of disposal include:

Departments are not at liberty to sell, donate, or discard equipment or assets without the prior authorization of Procurement Services. Unallowable methods of disposal include:

If an individual wishes to purchase a specific piece of equipment, it must be done via Procurement Services and not through the department. Procurement will determine an appropriate market value and attempt to make it available to the individual. Equipment may not be given as a gift to employees or students without the approval from the Director of Procurement Services and in compliance with the Gifts to Employees policy.