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Booking business travel varies based on if the destination is in the United States or aborad. For more information visit:

Paying for Travel Expenses

Wherever possible, the university expects travel expenses to be covered by using the ProCard.

When the ProCard cannot be used for business expenses, employees should pay out-of-pocket and complete a travel reimbursement afterwards. Original receipts must be submitted

The following types of documentation are required for all reimbursable expenses:

  • Air Transportation - Airline ticket "receipt" coupon and copy of invoice or credit card statement
  • E-Tickets - Airline "receipt/itinerary" and charge card receipt
  • Car Rental - Car rental agreement and charge card receipt
  • Personal Auto - Miles driven
  • Lodging - Itemized hotel bill and charge card receipt
  • Meals - Hotel bill, charge card or restaurant receipt (if applicable name(s), position(s), company of the person(s) entertained and business purpose)
  • Registration - Agenda (meeting schedule) and paid receipt
  • Phone, Fax,Internet - Hotel bill or other connection charges
  • Taxi, Other - Receipt or bill