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Departments must ensure every staff member involved in the payment card transaction process is held individually accountable for his or her work and that the process includes adequate financial controls.

Below are some helpful best practices by category:

We want to make you aware of rules that both MasterCard and Visa have for businesses that accept payments through websites.

  • MasterCard requires that you clearly and prominently display your location to cardholders on your website before they finalize online purchases.
  • Visa requires that your address be listed either on the checkout screen displaying the final transaction amount, or within the sequence of web pages the cardholder accesses during the checkout process.
  • Both card brands require that cardholders be given your address for cardholder correspondence.
For more details about these requirements, please visit the below sites:
  • Visa* - See Assignment of Merchant Outlet Location, and Merchant Website Requirements.
  • MasterCard* - In the MasterCard Rules, see 5.4 Merchant Location, including 5.4.1 Disclosure of Merchant Location.

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