Financial Affairs


Every DePaul University merchant must comply with all terms and conditions of all payment card company contract and service agreements. Below are some key points:

• You must honor all valid cards within your acceptance categories when properly presented for payment, without discrimination, unless Laws expressly require otherwise.

• You must maintain a policy that does not discriminate, unless Laws expressly require otherwise, among cardholders seeking to make purchases with a particular brand of Card accepted by you.

• Discover Network, Visa and MasterCard regulations prohibit listing a cardholder’s personal information on the transaction receipt because it can expose a cardholder to increased risk of fraud.

Every DePaul University merchant must comply with all regulatory and industry standards.
Below are some key points:

• Merchant does not store any cardholder data in electronic format, and

• If merchant does store cardholder data, such data is only in paper reports or copies of receipts and is not received electronically.

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