Financial Affairs


Payment card processing fees are a significant overhead cost paid by DePaul University every year. Totaling in the millions of dollars, every effort must be made to keep the costs down.

Below are some suggestions to reduce costs:

  •    Reducing Processing Costs
    • Enter $0.00 when prompted for Sales Tax Amount
    • When hand-keying a transaction, enter the Zip Code for Address Validation System (AVS). ***Important*** Zip Code must be an exact match to the cardholder billing Zip Code to ensure lowest interchange costs.
    • Remember to batch daily, use auto-batching where available- auto close is recommended.

  •    Dynamic Currency Conversion – see DCC Overview and DCC booklet (PDF) (This is a recommended sevice which helps our international students as well as helps control interchange costs for DePaul)

  •    EMV - On October 2015 the payment networks shifted liability associated with EuroPay, Mastercard, and Visa (EMV) transactions. EMV compliant cards are also referred to as PIN and Chip cards. The liability shift means that those merchants using non-EMV compliant devices but chose to accept transactions made with EMV cards assume liability for any and all transactions that are found to be fraudulent.