Financial Affairs


Any alterations to original budgets, previously approved by the Board of Trustees, require submittal of a Budget Change Form, Capital Budget Change Form, or online Position Data Request form to the Controller's Office. Please note, if it is necessary to change or reallocate monies during the University Budgeting Process, prior to approval of original budgets by the Board of Trustees, requests and inquiries should be directed to the Office of Budgets and Operational Reporting.

Use of forms promotes uniformity throughout the University as to allowable budget alterations and approval requirements. Properly completed forms submitted to the Controller's Office ensure that appropriate levels of management have reviewed and concur with budget changes before any alterations are processed. The Budget Change and Capital Budget Change Forms are available on this website. Use the online Position Data Request application for position changes that result in budget changes.

For additional information, policy guidelines, and approval requirements please review the Budget Changes policy.