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The Treasurer’s Office maintains access to debt instruments available through the financial markets. These instruments, including general obligation bonds, bank lines and letters of credit and mortgages, help fund important capital projects and strategic initiatives as well as meet the short-term liquidity objectives of the university.

When borrowing as a tax-exempt institution in the capital markets, federal regulations require the university to make periodic disclosures about its strategic direction, business operations and financial condition. IRS regulations also require the university to monitor the use of property financed with tax-exempt debt to ensure that prohibited use does not occur and that private use is kept to a minimum. Debt Portfolio Management in the Treasurer’s Office is responsible for making continuing disclosures about the state of DePaul University to the financial markets and works with University Tax Services and the Office of the General Counsel on matters of private and prohibited facility use.

DePaul University currently is monitored by three Credit Rating Agencies: Fitch Ratings, Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s Rating Services. Debt Portfolio Management seeks to meet the university’s strategic objectives while maintaining the highest possible creditworthiness, providing the most favorable cost of capital and borrowing terms. Currently DePaul University’s ratings are:
Fitch Ratings - A+
Moody’s – A1
Standard and Poor’s Rating Services – A