Financial Affairs


Not sure what form to use? Below is a quick-guide matrix for our most commonly used forms, their typical use and a link to the form itself. If the form you're looking for isn't described below please review the list to the left.

Many of our forms require original documentation and varying levels of approval. If you're unsure how to complete a form or what to include as supporting documentation please contact the responsible department or send us an email at

Financial Affairs is located on the 19th floor of 55 E. Jackson Blvd. (Loop Campus).

Forms Use Example
Budget Change
Used to change a budget within one department and transfer budget between departments. Requests are made throughout the fiscal year to the original Board approved budget.   Provide budget leverage to another department to support an upcoming campus event or to move budget between expense accounts within one departments budget.

Capital Budget Request
Used to establish a new capital budget to fund capital improvement, significant equipment purchases or construction. Note, Capital Budget Requests typically require a Budget Change Request that provides funding for the new project.   Fund the renovation of a department's office space.

Journal Entry Used to correct transactions posted to your Mobius financial activity report, to make an internal contribution, and to record revenue and expense between DePaul departments.   Include but are not limited to the following:
• Purchase a table at the music gala
• Purchase basketball tickets from Athletics
• Rent conference room space from the Student Center
• Correct a miscoded expense from travel to entertainment.

Salary Reallocation Request
Used to reclassify salary and benefit transactions posted to your Mobius financial activity report; employee ID and position number required.   Reallocate salary and benefit expense from one department to another to correct the department or account code.
Salary Distribution Change Request

Used to change or update the distribution on a position for future payrolls. Note, if you are moving more than 50% of a distribution, request a Department Change via Position Management.   Update the salary and benefit expense distribution for a position that will be split funded between two departments in the future.
Off-Campus Equipment Tracker

Suggested template used to track university owned equipment that is held off-campus (by employees that are teleworking). Financial Accounting should be notified if equipment with a value exceeding $2,500 is being held off campus.   An employee requires a new monitor for their telework home office. Whether the monitor is purchased new (and shipped to the employee) or removed from an on-campus location, it should be recorded on this tracker.
Year-End Form Used to move expense and revenue into the appropriate fiscal year.   Move current year expense payment related to future year conference into next fiscal year.

Employee and Guest Reimbursement Form For costs incurred while performing services and traveling on University business by employees and University guests.   Local travel such as mileage reimbursements or work-related lunches and dinners, or traveling out-of-state or overseas.

ProCard Application Used to apply for a new ProCard or to change the limit on an existing card.   A faculty member requires a corporate credit card for regular purchases of business related expenses.

Salvage Disposal Used to remove unneeded equipment from your department.   Remove old computers from your department that have been replaced with new ones or to remove other equipment such as desktop printers.

Requisitions over
Purchases over $25,000 require this form documenting a competitive bid or the basis not bidding.   A purchase of $30,000 was bid among vendors, which is documented on this form.

Voucher Payment Requisition Form For non-employee payment to external vendors for services rendered when no invoice is available.   Payment for a musical performer at an event, an honoriarium for a guest speaker or for services provided by a consultant.

Vacation Advance
Employees may use this form to request advance use of vacation hours.   An employee requests to take paid vacation time which exceeds the number of paid vacation hours he or she has accrued to date.

Relocation Reimbursement Form

Used to document moving expenses for new employees.   New employees who have been offered relocation assistance use this form to request reimbursement for relocation expenses. Completed reimbursement forms, offer letters (indicating approved relocation assistance amount), and all original receipts must be submitted to the Vice President's or Dean's Office of the employee's Department or College. The VP's/Dean's Office will forward this information to Payroll Services for processing.

Asset Transfer Form

Used to report the transfer of fixed assets due to an organizational change, office relocation, or any other exchange.


A department is locating from one building to another and is moving existing furniture, computers, etc. to the new building.

Instructions for Relocation Expense Reimbursements

Instructions for filling out the Relocation Reimbursement form.


Instructions for filling out the Relocation Reimbursement form.

Gifts and Prizes Pre-Authorization Form

Used to obtain and document appropriate Academic or Administrative Officer approval prior to purchasing gifts or prizes.


Purchasing gifts and prizes for cash and cash equivalent transact ions of any value for employees, cash and cash equivalent transactions greater than $75 for non-employees and all non-cash transactions greater than $75.

Gifts and Prizes Reporting Form

Used to report gifts and prizes recipient information


Awarding gifts and prizes from the university to an employee or non-employee.

Conflict of Interest Certification

To disclose potential appearances of conflicts to protect the University's interests, assets, and resources held by employees with decision-making authority and/or influence. To obtain the most recent Conflict of Interest Certification form contact


Examples of conflicts of interest may include:

  • Purchasing decisions - accepting gifts from vendors, or purchasing goods or services from a relative or organization in which the Employee has a financial or management interest.
  • Outside work - working for another organization that interferes with DePaul work.
  • Use of DePaul's resources - excessive use of telephones, supplies, equipment, etc. for personal use or non-DePaul related work.

Wire Transfer Form / Instructions

For payments made via electronic transfer from one person or entity to another, primarily international vendors.


Payment made to an international vendor requesting that funds be wired, per provisions in a previously established agreement or contract.

Student Organization Account Request

Form to request a new Student Organization Department ID.


Accounting students will like to create an Accounting Club for accounting majors at DePaul. The Accounting Club expects to receive membership fees and make payments to recruiting firms for networking opportunities.