Financial Affairs



Prior to requesting a payment through Accounts Payable, it’s necessary for the requestor to be aware of tax, regulatory, and DePaul specific procedural requirements for preparing to request a payment. 

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Conflicts of Interest

This webpage includes procedures for complying with the University’s Conflict of Interest Policy.  Any conflict of interest or any appearance of a conflict of interest between the employee’s external interests and the interests of the University must be disclosed before a faculty or staff member initiates or approves a payment to a vendor or service provider.

Vendor and Service Provider Information Forms

This webpage advises what documentation is required before a vendor can be paid. 

Payments to Non-US Persons

Non-US persons must complete an International Information Form prior to being paid through Accounts Payable.  This webpage provides information on making payments to non-us persons. 

Payments for International-Based Programs

Employees should use this matrix and corresponding flowcharts for guidance on: 1) making payments for goods/services related to programs delivered overseas and 2) payments related to international visitors coming to the U.S. The matrix identifies when a purchase order and/or contract is required and what payment methods are appropriate. The flowcharts illustrate the flow of the various processes and the participating departments.