Financial Affairs


Many of the guidelines and procedural requirements in the policies below are also addressed on the websites of the Office of General Counsel and Procurement Services.  Please review these polices prior to ordering goods or services.

Policy Title Policy Summary

Purchasing Requirements

This policy details the requirements, steps and special situations involved in the purchasing process.

Purchasing Authority

This policy details the authority departments have for making purchases, when additional approvals are needed and delegation procedures for purchasing activity.

Vendor Selection

This policy details the vendor selection process, use of preferred vendors, minority/women owned vendors and the new vendor approval process.

Competitive Bidding

This policy provides an overview of the University's requirements for competitive bidding.

Contract Requirements and Procedures

This policy sets forth the protocol for entering into contracts on behalf of DePaul University.  The policy details, among other things, when a written contract is required; which individuals have the authority to sign and negotiate contracts on behalf of DePaul; when a contract must be reviewed by the Office of General Counsel (OGC); and the procedures for obtaining OGC approval.

Conflict of Interest

The Conflict of Interest policy outlines the basic responsibilities for protecting the University's interests, assets, and resources held by employees with decision-making authority and/or influence.  See the Conflicts of Interest webpage for additional information.

Conflict of Interest in Externally Sponsored Projects

This policy requires Investigators submitting proposals for, or working on, externally sponsored projects to report certain financial conflicts of interest to the Conflict of Interest Committee for Sponsored Projects, a University committee that manages financial conflicts of interest related to sponsored projects and notifies sponsoring agencies of the conflict when legally required to do so.

Vehicle Acquisition

This policy explains the basic responsibilities and requirements associated with acquiring or leasing vehicles for University use.

Shipping, Delivery, and Receiving

This policy outlines the University's standards for shipping, accepting delivery and receiving processes and responsibilities.

Use of Independent Contractors / Consultants

This policy provides guidance on the use of independent contractors.  In this policy, the term "independent contractor" is meant to include the term "consultant." It sets out the general criteria that should be used for classifying a service provider as an independent contractor and the tax reporting for independent contractors, pursuant to IRS regulations and guidelines.

Procurement Card

This policy outlines the basic requirements, limitations, and responsibilities associated with the university Procurement Card program.

Membership in Organizations Policy

For payment or reimbursement of membership in a Private Club, University policy requires approval by one of the following: Provost, Executive Vice President, or the President of the University. See Membership in Organizations policy for further details.
The Private Club Membership Authorization Form must be completed, approved, and submitted to the Accounts Payable Department with the Voucher Payment Requisition Form, Employee and Guest Reimbursement Form, or should be maintained with the corresponding ProCard supporting documentation.
Note: Proper documentation is required to substantiate all private club-related expenses, such as meals and entertainment. For further details regarding expense substantiation, please refer to the University’s Employee and University Guests Reimbursement (Travel and Other Reimbursements) policy. Executive approval is only required once, prior to the establishment of membership, not with each related expense.
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