Financial Affairs



For the policy guidelines related to Employee Reimbursements see the University’s Employee and University Guests Reimbursement policy.

Subject to this policy, the University will reimburse employees and University guests performing services for the benefit of the University for reasonable business expenses incurred while conducting authorized University business. Employees are encouraged to use their University ProCard for expenses in lieu of incurring out-of-pocket expenses whenever available.

For additional guidance related to the reimbursement of Personal Cellular Phone and Internet Usage, please see the University’s Guidelines for Business Use of Personal Cell Phone and Internet Access and Usage Statement.

Reimbursement Limitations

  1. Due to tax reporting requirements, the University may not be able to reimburse out-of-pocket expenses for services, such as laundry, valet, movie rental, and/or minibar. 
  2. Reimbursements are not intended for high dollar purchases. For high dollar purchases, (eg.electronics, banquets, large group meals) please consult the Purchasing Requirements Policy or contact Procurement Services

Paying Reimbursement
Accounts Payable pays employee and University guest reimbursements either by direct deposit (ACH) or by check. Choosing direct deposit (ACH) results in faster payments as it is not subjected to U.S. postal service delays. To set up direct deposit follow these steps:

Questions or comments
Please direct any questions or comments about these procedures to the Accounts Payable Department.