Financial Affairs


The payroll calendars below provide a schedule of pay dates and pay-periods. Managers should refer to payroll calendars to determine when hours need to be approved or paperwork must be submitted for payment on a particular date.  Please see below for more information.         

Pay Period Date Calendar 2020-2021
Use to determine start and end dates of pay periods for both Salaried and Hourly (exempt and non-exempt) employees.
The Pay Period Date Calendar corresponds to an employee’s timesheet in PeopleSoft and is useful in determining the days that make up an employee’s bi-weekly pay.

Part-time Faculty Payroll Calendar 2020-2021
Useful in determining when part-time faculty will be paid throughout the academic year. The Part-time Faculty Payroll Calendar should be used to determine when part-time faculty payments need to be submitted for payment to be made on a particular date. This calendar highlights the total number of pay periods for a given quarter/semester  in addition to first and last payment dates.

General Payroll Calendar 2020-2021
Helpful to determine the timeline for submission of paperwork and time approval dates. The General Payroll Calendar provides a breakdown of pay dates in addition to submission deadlines for timely processing and payment. Use this calendar to determine when new hire paperwork needs to be submitted for payment on a particular date. This calendar also outlines the deadline for hours needing approval in PeopleSoft.


For questions, contact Payroll.