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Employee tax withholding information is easily accessible in the Employee Self Service section within myHR. You can file a new Form W-4 any time your tax situation changes by navigating to the W-4 Tax Information page. For specific details regarding allowances from withholdings, please refer to the state and federal instructions available at and

If you are performing service in a state other than Illinois or reside in a reciprocal state (Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, or Wisconsin), please contact the Payroll Department to complete the appropriate state withholding form(s).

All employees who are not U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens should schedule an appointment with a Payroll representative to complete the appropriate tax documents. Payroll Services can be contacted at 312-362-8692 or

For detailed instructions on updating W-4 information in myHR, please refer to the W-4 Information Sheet.

Taxable Tuition Waiver FAQs

Why are certain tuition waivers taxable? [+] [--]

Which tuition waivers are taxable? [+] [--]

How is the taxation of tuition waivers applied to my paychecks? [+] [--]

When will the taxation of tuition waivers be applied to my paychecks? [+] [--]

Where can I view the tuition waivers applied to my student account? [+] [--]

Where can I view the year-to-date taxable tuition waiver applied to my taxable wages? [+] [--]

Is it possible that the tax withholding will result in a significant decrease to my net pay during the pay periods in which taxation of tuition waivers is applied? [+] [--]

Scheduling an Appointment with Payroll
As part of the hiring process, International students, faculty, and staff will need to schedule an appointment with Payroll to fill out the appropriate tax forms.

Foreign employees should meet with a payroll representative each year to ensure they are being taxed correctly and that any changes in treaty benefits are given to the employees. To schedule an appointment please contact Payroll.

What to Bring on the day of your Appointment
Payroll appointments take up to 30 minutes and are done during normal business hours. The following documents should be brought to the meeting:


For questions, contact Payroll.