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The University uses an online time reporting system to collect the information necessary to accurately calculate employees' earnings, pay employees in a timely manner, and maintain the required documentation to support employee payments. All University staff members and student employees have a duty to understand and comply with the time reporting and attendance policies. Managers are expected to be familiar with the policy and procedure.

Employees must document hours in the online time reporting system. An employee's role within the University will determine which type of hours he or she is responsible for reporting. The Time and Labor WorkCenter is the primary resource for employees to access payroll information and also serves as a resource for managers to review and approve employee timesheets.


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: Manager Timesheet Security
Manager Self-Service Time Approval Delegation

Time Reporting Guidelines

Entering Hours for Web Clock Employees

Entering Hours for Part-time Employees (Elapsed Timesheet)

Entering Hours for Full-time Hourly Employees (Non-Exempt)

Entering Hours for Full-time Salaried Employees (Exempt)

Approving Hours for Your Employees

Accessing and Reviewing Paid Time Off Reports

Additional Resources In Time and Labor WorkCenter

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