Financial Affairs


Financial Affairs provides several classroom and online training programs. A flowchart of the Budget Manager Training process can be found here.

Register for training here.

Classroom Training

Classroom Training Programs are no-cost, DePaul-internal training offerings for DePaul employees (faculty, staff and student workers). Training sessions do not carry degree credit and should not be registered for by DePaul students seeking credit for degree or certificate programs. Trainings are available for DePaul employees seeking skills and information related to their faculty/staff/student worker position(s) and responsibilities with the University.

Online Training

Financial Affairs also has a variety of Online Training Programs. Click here for online Budget Planning and Gift Processing training.

Presentations, Handouts, & Guides

A variety of training materials are available here.

Stand-Alone Academic Cohorts

Guidelines relating to stand-alone academic cohort billing, monitoring and financial reporting can be found here.

Procurement Services
Additional Procurement training information can be found here.